So, you are thinking of starting a blog and looking for some pro blogging tips. Or, maybe you have just launched your blog. Great! You are at the right place. Both amateur bloggers and seasoned ones going to gain deep insights here. In this blog, we’ll discuss some smart blogging tips to start with and become a successful blogger.

Ready to take the plunge? Let’s get started!

Top Blogging Tips For Amateur Bloggers

Whether you have recently launched a blog or you are planning to start one, here are some blogging hacks to consider-

Focus on One Thing

When you are just getting started as a blogger, you have a lot of work ahead of you. And, it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of doing a million things on your to-do list. So, forget your growing to-do list and think of the most important thing you should do TODAY that will impact your blog the most.

Be it email marketing, writing a blog post, designing the home page, or taking a course to get targeted visitors to your blog, figure out things that will improve your bottom line right now. Prioritize these things and take time to get them done.

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Invest in Your Blog

Amateur blogging is like a trial and error process where you need to find ONE THING that works for you. You need to invest time and money along the way to get the best information that will help you drive results. Unfortunately, newbies don’t invest because they are doubtful or lack commitment. Pro bloggers don’t invest because they think that they know it all. Undoubtedly, you can leverage free information available on the Internet. But, it is highly fragmented and limited. You need to count on some good sources of information, and it won’t cost you a fortune. No…really!

  • Invest in some good paid software to improve your ROI.
  • Get your learning on. Connect with bloggers who are already successful; they will help you avoid costly mistakes that you may make a few months later.
  • Spend every spare moment on your blog. And, don’t quit! Things falling off your plate? Seek help from professionals.

Keep Your Blog Design Clean And Professional

Tons of new and pro bloggers alike get hung up here!

As a newbie, you may want to make your blog look fancy. Wait. The truth is, the design of your blog may not matter a whole lot. You are still a newbie blogger and your blog should be a reflection of you. So, it may not be the right time to hire expensive graphic designers to design your website.

However, once you start getting traffic on your blog and making money out of it, you can think of upgrading its theme or redesigning your website. Just make sure to keep your blog design clean, simple, and professional. Start with a WordPress theme, keep your message simple, and work on what really matters, i.e., Content.

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Focus More on Traffic Than Monetization

Most new bloggers are overly focused on monetization. Well, if you have strong and steady traffic coming to your blog, you definitely need to focus on monetization. But, as your blog is still new, it’s good to translate the blog traffic into email subscribers, feedback, or comments. In a nutshell, pick a good monetization method that will translate into money.

Further, you need good traffic for monetization. In order to get steady traffic, you should-

  • Prioritize one thing at a time
  • Learn your target audience
  • Be consistent
  • Learn to build an email list of visitors
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Master One Source of Traffic First

Choose one source of traffic and master it. If you jump on every social media/search platform at once, you will be great at NOTHING! So, how to choose your source of traffic?

  • Consider the demographics of your audience and find out which platform they hang out at.
  • Consider your skillset. If you are good at taking professional pictures, Instagram or Pinterest is your cup of tea. If you are an entertainer or teacher, YouTube is the best bet.
  • Pick a platform that suits your blog or content best.
  • If you are already using a platform to promote your hobby or passion, convert it into a business.

Hopefully, these handfuls of tips will help you in your blogging journey. In addition to the tips mentioned above, make sure to be consistent, write regularly, and share content that is valuable to your audience.