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Nidhi Thakur

31 May , 2024

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About this blog

How many of you are reading this blog because you want to obtain #1 rank in Google? Yeah, we thought so. As one of the best organic SEO services companies, we know how awesome it feels when your website reaches the top of the heap. We sincerely hope you get your #1 Google spot, but it will only help if you chase the right organic search engine optimization company. 

So, think of SEO as something other than a way to improve your site's ranking; it is much more than that. This blog walks you through the basic organic SEO key practices followed by various organic SEO consultants. It will help you understand what an organic search engine optimization company should offer in terms of services and help. 

Search engine optimization is arguably the most important realm within internet marketing. Ironically, it is also the least understood by most online business owners. In this blog post, we also hope to clear some misconceptions and arm you with information to assist you in choosing the best organic search engine optimization company

What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an umbrella term for a series of steps and techniques that will pull a website out of the vast chasm of the Internet and into the search engine rankings. SEO is vitally important to a website's success because search itself is crucial.

A comprehensive search engine optimization strategy will help achieve two purposes: increasing traffic and increasing conversions. Getting traffic without actually obtaining conversions is like winning half a battle that can be dangerous. 

Organic vs inorganic SEO- Understand the Key Difference

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Organic SEO

As the name specifies, organic SEO is a natural way to rank a site so that it can appear on the first search engine result pages (SERPs). You are not paying for this form of SEO. Link building, keyword research and optimization, backlinking, and meta tags are some of the standard techniques used for organic SEO.

Inorganic SEO

Unlike organic, this form of SEO comes from paid sources. Banner ads, cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), pay per click (PPC), and classifieds are some of the ways through which a Website generates traffic. This form of SEO primarily attracts businesses that can bear the heavy expenditure and need immediate results.

Unveiling The Secrets- How to Triumph your SEO Campaign

You have probably heard that SEO and search engines change constantly; unfortunately, this is also true. Back to basics, it is essential to understand how search engines work or your organic SEO consultants. The major component of this is a robot, or spider, which is software that gathers information about a website and brings it back to the central engine. This activity is referred to as crawling or spidering. Many metaphors about how robots work have been used, but understanding this with the example of 'ants' is the best. 

Imagine a search engine robot as an explorer ant, leaving the colony with the thought of 'Finding Food.' In this illustration, Consider food as 'HTML' text, preferably lots. It is important to note that to find food, the ants need to travel along easy, obstacle-free paths: HTML links. 

Following these paths, the ant (search engine robot), with insect-like single-mindedness, carries the food (text) back to its colony and stores it in its anthill (search engine database). At the same time, various users are simultaneously exploring and gathering all over the Internet. If a path is absent or blocked, the ant gives up and goes elsewhere. If there is no food, the ant brings nothing back. 

So, basically, whenever you think of a search engine, consider it a database that holds information gathered from millions of sites all over the Web. 

This also urged you to think about what sets the search engine in motion. The quick answer to this is a 'search.' Just as a web surfer enters the term, for instance, into the search engine, all the relevant sites for that term are brought to the forefront. When it comes to evaluation, lots of things determine 

the ranks for such search results. But just for a start, to run for ranks, you need to provide HTML text to feed the search engines.

Few Key Takeaways

So there are two key takeaways referring to the above scenario. The first is that search engine robots can access and read text content on your site, and the second is to craft website content to feature keywords your target audience is searching for. As the search engines have evolved, the job of the SEO has become more complicated, but these fundamentals have always stayed the same.

Search Engine Optimization Companies that offers best organic SEO Services

Search engines are the gateway between your potential customers and your website. With the proper SEO optimization techniques, your website will appear for specific keywords related to your business. It will double the chance of making you found among your prospects willing to purchase your products or services. So, this eventually fulfills the utmost goal of search engine optimization or the best organic SEO services to make it easier for businesses to find their customers.

An SEO company will increase your rankings for particular keywords by changing your site's existing content, adding new content, and, in some cases, restructuring your website's navigation. All these steps are done to rank for specific keyword phrases their research has determined to be effective.

Red Flags that you should watch out for when selecting organic search engine optimization company

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Here, we will explain specific red flags you should watch out for when selecting the best organic seo company. These practices and strategies should warn you that an organic SEO services company needs to be on the same level. Find out these general red flags to look out for:

#1. Poor Quality Website: As you strive to enhance your web presence, a professionally designed website is a beacon of a stable and professional business. SEO companies, being the experts in this field, should have a high-quality website that clearly articulates their purpose and how they can assist you in achieving your goals.

#2. No Clear Contact Information: Vague or unclear contact details are another big red flag. Even though most of your communication will primarily rely on email, professional companies are available via phone.  

#3. Black Hat Tactics: Before consulting with the companies promising to drive traffic to your website, find out what strategies they are following to drive traffic to your website. Overused keywords, spammy links, paid links, cloaking and redirection etc are some of the unethical black hat SEO practices that you should be aware of beforehand.

#4. Underpriced or overpriced services: You should get a feel for a general price range while evaluating several companies. Avoid any company that charges rock-bottom rates. Their prices may be low for a reason. The same goes for overpriced services unless your needs in that service area go above and beyond what the average service provider could give you. 

#5. Obsession with Metrics: While you desperately seek ways to increase rankings, several agencies produce more significant numbers on reports. They do so to keep you distracted by metrics like keyword ranks and traffic numbers. Nothing matters more than quality leads, conversions, and tangible ROI. Before you decide to hire an agency, ensure that they have a good understanding of your core business areas or goals. They need to be more considerate of your major targeting KPIs and not solely on keyword ranks. 

#6. No Contract Before Work Starts: Professional organic search marketing agencies specify their offerings, the complete package or services charge, and the total services covered and beyond. Do not give our personal information, including login name and password, to your hosting account before having a contract with the company. 

#7. Overly Simple SEO Strategy: Given the complex nature of search engine optimization, it is necessary that your chosen organic search agency provides you with a comprehensive strategy for increasing your search engine rankings and conversions. If you fail to opt for the entire scope of their services due to budgetary or time constraints, they should at least offer a wide range of services. 

#8. Using obsolete and ineffective methods for search engine optimization: Since SEO is such a challenging field with rules and competitors frequently changing, your organic search expert has to change with it. If they are still using quasi-legal ways of obtaining search engine rankings, they are not only wasting your time but also putting the future of your website in danger.

#9. Free Trial Services: Unscrupulous organic search agency can gain access to your site's data by promising a 30-day free trial in exchange for your company's sensitive business information. 

#10. Unsolicited SEO Offers: Suspicious or spam-generating SEO companies may send you a message claiming that your site is not ranking for important keywords and trying to sell you services. Professional organic SEO services company companies don't need to spam people to get clients, 

#11. Refusing to answer your questions: Unscrupulous companies will keep you in the dark and try to talk above your head. Though all SEO professionals have a few tricks, they will listen to and answer each of your questions.

Should I spend money on SEO?

Avoid wasting your time and money on ineffective or harmful SEO services.

Consult organic search experts today!

Best Organic SEO Services Companies

The key to finding the best organic seo company depends on many factors. However, many characteristics are common across the board. Find the names of some of the best organic search marketing agencies that are worth your time and money:

#1. Edifying Voyages

Edifying Voyages is an award-winning organic search marketing and digital marketing agency that helps brands establish the presence they are proud of. Unlike any other agency, they boast of as your partner in crafting an online presence that you will be thrilled to call your own. Under the regime of an acclaimed digital marketing agency, they specialize in providing digital marketing solutions across various digital platforms. Their services spectrum has expanded but is not limited to the areas including Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Promotion, Social media marketing, social media optimization, graphic designing, website designing and development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Local SEO Enterprise SEO, e-commerce SEO, and beyond. 

Company Information: 7,219,741+ LEADS DRIVEN FOR CLIENTS | $6,121,158,100+ REVENUE DRIVEN FOR CLIENTS | 5,00,345 HOURS OF EXPERTISE | 1000+ EXPERTS ON STAFF


WEBFX is a trusted organic search marketing agency  focused on delivering revenue-generating solutions. Through its effective marketing services and technology, WEBFX drives revenue growth for its clients.

Company Information: 4,859,684+ LEADS DRIVEN FOR CLIENTS | $6,021,182,299+ REVENUE DRIVEN FOR CLIENTS | 3,212,407 HOURS OF EXPERTISE 

#3. SEO Discovery

SEO Discovery, a next-generation digital marketing agency, specializes in services such as Google-friendly website design, social media establishment, content creation, app development, analytics, and search engine optimization. 

Company Information: 17+ Years of Experience | 1000+ Case Studies | 5M+ Keywords Ranked | 6K+ Reviews | 1M+ Leads Generated

#4. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility, a leading performance marketing agency, provides complete SEO services. Specialized in multi-channel digital strategy, they offer services like paid media, social media, creative, email, PR, and CRO. 

Company Information: 110 Salaried Employees | 100+ content writers, designers, and developers | 170+ Current Clients.

#5. SEO Brand

Established in 2006, SEO Brand is an extensive digital marketing agency focused on helping businesses develop their brand presence across various digital channels. From providing services to education to food production to luxury retail and healthcare organizations, they believe in delivering customer-centric digital solutions worldwide. 

Company Information: 20+ Years in business | 100,000+ Pages ranked on Google | 25,000+ Calls generated |  250,000+ Leads generated

#6. Jax Media Team

Jax Media Team is a consulting agency that offers a wide range of services including SEO, SEM, mobile optimization, website design, and social media design services. Website design and development services, website architecture, landing pages, sign-in options, and other functionalities are some of the different services they offer.

Company Information: Jacksonville, FL Founded 2013 11-50 Employees

#7. Victorious

Victorious is an organic search marketing agency focused on helping small businesses shape search marketing with services such as Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Marketing, Organic Traffic, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Link Building, Content Creation, and more. 

Company Information: Company size 51-200 employees |  104 associated LinkedIn members listed Victorious as their current workplace on their profile. | Headquarters San Francisco, California Founded 2013

#8. SeoProfy

SeoProfy, is a trusted digital marketing company and organic search marketing agency with a focus on search engine optimization through their advanced data-driven SEO approach. Catering to diverse needs of  both small and large businesses their service offerings include SEO audits, Technical SEO, Backlink management, International SEO, Local SEO etc. 

Company Information: Company size 51-150 employees |  100 associated LinkedIn members | Headquarters Miami, United States

#9. Heyday Marketing

Heyday Marketing is unique in making your business more accessible by providing specific SEO and content strategies. Committed to their clients' success, they create content and SEO strategies to help companies grow.  

Company Information: Award-Winning Marketing Agency | 2022 Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Company in America | 2022 Clutch.Co Best B2B Agency | 2021 Marketing Agency of the Year (SFHCC)

#10. PixelChefs

PixelChefs is an Orlando based web design and SEO consulting company. It offers a range of services such as web development, mobile and website design, search engine optimization, pay per click management services, social media strategies and conversion optimization.

Company Information: 90% Client Retention Rate | 30% Average Organic Traffic Increase | 12 Years in Business

#11. GenieCrawl

GenieCrawl is a boutique digital marketing agency that offers a range of services, including web design, web development, SEO, and social media strategies. Its plans are crafted to suit all budgets. 

Company Information: $25 - $49 / hr |  Employees: 2 - 9 |Founded in 2018

#12. W3 Lab Digital Solutions

W3 offers a full gourmet of services, including web development, design, and organic and paid marketing services. They hold vast industry experience and expertise by delivering tailored strategies that genuinely resonate with the company's goals. 

Company Information: Employees: 10 - 12 | Client's Profile:  Brands Scaled: 300+

#13. Re: signal

Re: Signal is an SEO agency headquartered in London, UK. Its domain specialty covers the Travel, retail, and finance sectors. This organic search marketing agency is known for offering comprehensive solutions, from organic and paid marketing strategies to specialized web development and design.

Company Information: 15+ Members |  300+ Completed projects |  5+ Years of experience

#14. Oyova Software

Oyova Software, LLC is renowned for its diverse application development and organic search marketing agency. WIth their hands-on and consultative approach, they hold the responsibility for transforming clients' business and operations. cross North America. Custom software, marketing, development, and IT consulting are some of their major performing areas.

Company Information: Industry IT Services |  and IT Consulting Company |  size 11-50 employees

#15. Upfire SEO

Upfire SEO is an SEO agency known for its ethical SEO and use of up-to-date tactics to skyrocket your rankings and sales. From on-page to off-page SEO, content creation, and everything in between, it provides all the services you require to deliver the best outcomes for your business. 

Company Information: $25 - $49 / hr |  Employees: 2 - 9 


You need to keep in mind that SEO is not an overnight solution but a long-term strategy for increasing traffic. Search engine rankings are based on a complex number of criteria that sort and evaluate website content. In the case of Google, a specific algorithm calculates the search engine rankings. Even the best organic seo services company need the keys to the kingdom. Many components of the formula are known, but the specifics are kept only by the masters in the industry. 

Using the right ranking and placement methodologies is all that matters. That is why it is important to rely on the best organic SEO services company, like Edifying Voyages.


Organic SEO is a common white hat SEO practice used by organic search experts to optimize a website's content, structure, and other elements. Ranking highly in organic results increases brand visibility, ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) naturally without paying anything for the results to appear in search.

There are several factors that determine the cost of SEO like the competitiveness of keywords, the complexity of the website, and the scope of services needed. Typically, it ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

Whether organic SEO is better than paid depends on various factors such as budget, goals, and target audience. Organic SEO provides long-term, sustainable results, while paid methods can offer more immediate visibility but require ongoing investment.

Organic SEO is an ongoing process that requires consistent effort and optimization. Ideally, it can take 7-8 months to start seeing significant results. Whereas the full optimization may take even longer, approximately 1 year depending on the competitiveness of the industry and keywords.

All unpaid results that are generated by search engine algorithms based on the user’s search query are defined as organic search, while SEO (Search Engine Optimization)involves strategies and techniques used by organic search experts to improve a website’s visibility in organic search results.

The best SEO practices include writing unique titles, description, quality content, building quality backlinks, ensuring mobile-friendliness and fast loading speed, and staying up-to-date with search engine algorithm changes. Additionally, user experience and engagement are increasingly important factors in SEO success.